Brew-ewwy !!!

Had a hard day at work come home to an ice cold beer  –  mmmm the good life . Or a lovely robust Cabernet swirling around in your glass .

Ever wondered how other cultures look at Liquor and its processing !?!? What , how  , when and who ?

Well in Cambodia they have one drink that is definitively creepy and crawly .

Tarantula Brandy !!!

It is an alcoholic beverage made from rice liquor and flavored with dead Tarantulas served in a tot glass , how very quaint .

Oh no wait that is no the strangest !!! I would take Spiders over Dead fermented mice any day .

In China a distilled rice spirit is filled with dead mice and fermented for one year . and do they remove the mice !?!? nope they stay in the bottle for added flavour .

In Vietnam and China  it is popular to flavour your wine with reptilian carcasses seen in Cobra wine , Scorpion and snake wine

In complete contrast on the other end of the world we flavour our wine with oranges and spices.

I think I shall stick to the vegetarian variety’s in my  liquor cabinet  such as wine from grapes  – fruit  , Frangelico from hazelnuts  –  nuts = Fibre and Protein , and beer made from Wheat hops and water = Carbohydrates and hydration  ,  Complete diet !!!



Snake and Scorpion Liquor


I hope I have given you something to ponder and peruse over .

Foodie Trivia


Everything goes down better with a glass of Wine …

South Africa make some amazing complex wines down in the Cape regions , one of my favorites is  Pinotage . It is a uniquely South African grape varietal , this unique creation was first made grafting Pinot Noir and Cinsaut  grapes by Prof Perold – to today’s legends crafting and creating the latest Pinotage or Pinotage blend.

Pinotage has rich earthy flavours with hints of chocolate and cherry  , often having aromas of berry’s , petrichor and smokey oak

This wine goes lovely with rich spicy dishes , Cape Malay curries are always a winner , Pinotage has chocolaty  undertones this works beautifully with dark chocolate sauces or desserts .

My ultimate winter desserts usually include poached pears as they are excellent vehicles for flavour , and go well with white and red wines , this recipe with a chocolate fondant or sauce ?!?!? to die for !!!! and for some reason poached pears always give off an air of a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi ‘  – it is sure to impress any dinner guest with is elegant and thought out approach and delectable flavours

I use this basic recipe and instead of orange i add (750 ml of wine) , 8 cardamon pods , 2 star anise , one medium cinnamon stick  ,  and about a quarter cup of honey (for a deeper flavour use molasses )  –  these are the best of friends with a deep red wine .

Once the pears are poached i usually reduce this mixture (strain out the spices) for about 30 min on a medium heat or until it is a sticky sweet sauce that you could drizzle over a side of chocolate mouse and your poached pear .

People also think that poached pears can only be eaten with a creme anglais or sauce , not the case , slice it up and lay in a tart shell and cover with a chocolate frangipane mixture – HEAVEN IN A TART SHELL!!!

so take those traditional favorites and think outside the box , you wont regret it .

there is no short supply of taste testers in my house , where food is made they shall follow .–vincotto-pear-tart.htm

Bon Appetit !!!