5 Weekend drinks to get the party started

Some of my best memories I have revolve around pasta machines , tequila and tirimisu

Seemingly dissimilar , but under the right circumstances they made devilishly divine memories


1. Apple Martini  –  I would add a shot of apple sours for the slight tang , as well as everyone’s sour face makes for a great pre party photo opp


2. Gluehwein  –  My winter indulgence , guaranteed to get any party started quickly


3. Cosmolito  –  why , cranberry juice , that’s why .


4. A Saturday Afternoon  –  the name says it all , imagine your on an island , soft breeze flowing gently  , sipping your cocktail as you watch the waves ebb back and forth as the hammock your laying in gently rocks side to side  ….


5.Frozen Peach Margarita’s –  to end off a Tooty Fruity weekend


My top 5  ,  they are great for entertaining , can be made in advance  , and pair wonderfully with either a sit down or barbecue style dinner / lunch / brunch .

Have a great weekend