Haute Couture Lunch Boxes


How intriguing it is that the good old school lunch box has evolved as much as society has .

Driving home and listening to the radio an interesting topic evolved about today’s lunch boxes and their creative contents whether it be for school or work , the good old PB&J has long disappeared .

A Teacher phoned in describing a few lunches she saw daily at her school

A Grade 2 pupil of hers had SUSHI for lunch !?!? another pupil had prawn canape’s !?!? none of this was home made , I am not saying they aren’t healthy or nutritious in any way , probably more so than some children who are given lunch money and spend it all on hamburgers , sweets ,and fizzy drinks .

I was just astounded at the caliber of food some children are taking to school daily for lunch !!!

I used to get fruit , a jam or peanut butter sandwich , a couple biscuits or a slice of cheese and a small mug of juice  and on a really good Monday I would get a Sunday Roast Sandwich with all the mouth watering smack-rings from the day before  . nowadays I eat leftovers or sandwiches or even better a sandwich constructed from leftovers . I save up every month to take myself to dinner at a stunning restaurant and indulge in a gourmet experience , at 8 years of age I would never dream of eating such delicacy’s  daily .

Living in South Africa with such a diverse group of people your bound to poke around in each others lunch boxes . I have come across some weird and wonderful takes on the midday mealtime regime from goats head , marmite and bananas , to a fully loaded sandwich loaded with all the contents of your fridge (contents indistinguishable ) .

If Lunch is the highlight (usually ) of our working /schooling day , shouldn’t we make every last morsel count ?

so yes even though I was shocked beyond belief at what today’s lunch boxes contain , it brings us hope for a more Knowledgeable pallet’s and discerning clients in the future .

Any fond memories of your lunch boxes ?

would love to hear about them .

Have a tastetastic day  🙂




5 Weekend drinks to get the party started

Some of my best memories I have revolve around pasta machines , tequila and tirimisu

Seemingly dissimilar , but under the right circumstances they made devilishly divine memories


1. Apple Martini  –  I would add a shot of apple sours for the slight tang , as well as everyone’s sour face makes for a great pre party photo opp


2. Gluehwein  –  My winter indulgence , guaranteed to get any party started quickly


3. Cosmolito  –  why , cranberry juice , that’s why .


4. A Saturday Afternoon  –  the name says it all , imagine your on an island , soft breeze flowing gently  , sipping your cocktail as you watch the waves ebb back and forth as the hammock your laying in gently rocks side to side  ….


5.Frozen Peach Margarita’s –  to end off a Tooty Fruity weekend


My top 5  ,  they are great for entertaining , can be made in advance  , and pair wonderfully with either a sit down or barbecue style dinner / lunch / brunch .

Have a great weekend