Tea Time Tidbit’s

I love the delightful combination of cranberry and orange , it is so refreshing and homey and good enough to serve at the mad hatter’s tea Party .

I find it brings a different element to the usual tea time treats of cream doughnuts and scones , which you could also spruce up with a few dried cranberry’s and freshly grated orange zest it is that versatile as a flavour combination .

tea time


Below is a recipe I have found that works for tea loaves and muffins

Cranberry and Orange tea time muffins 


muffins : ±24

Loaf: 2 medium loaf tins


500 g Cake  flour  (mix half almond flour and cake flour = Delicious almond flavours that works wonderfully with cranberry and orange )

20 ml baking powder

400 ml caster sugar

250 ml vegetable oil

4 eggs

250 ml orange juice

5 ml vanilla

125 g – 175 g dried cranberry’s (add to taste as i like mine loaded with them 🙂 )

zest of one orange (usually 2 tablespoons worth )


  1. line a loaf /muffin tin with butter and flour or muffin cups if you are planning to entertain .
  2. preheat oven to 180 degree’s Celsius
  3. sift flour and baking powder together and set aside
  4. whisk oil , eggs and sugar till thick , light and fluffy , add vanilla at the end
  5. add flour mix to oil mix and fold in
  6. add orange juice slowly as you are folding in
  7. add cranberry’s and zest (i find micro planing the orange produces a finer zest that is not so over powering )
  8. place in loaf tin or muffin cups , keep in mind if you place in a loaf tin the cooking time will increase
  9. Bake muffins in oven 180 °C , on middle shelf , for 25-30 min until a knife comes out clean , if you bake it in a loaf tin it takes approximately an hour  .

♥ To SPICE it up add some ground cardamon or grated nutmeg to really give that something extra .

This is a great summer and Autumn tea time treat , and easy enough to get the kids involved in beginners baking .

Have a cakealiscious day