Cuppa Jo anyone ?

The most expensive coffee in the world is harvested from Civet (small feline mammal ) poop ,

Kopi Luwak are the coffee beans found in Civet feces , This cat like animal only selects  the ripest and finest fruit to eat , the beans are actually a by product of what they are really after ,  the fruity pulp surrounding the beans .When they are excreted these partially digested and fermented beans are the harvested for sale , selling between $160 -$600 per POUND!!!

You are probably wondering who discovered this !?!?

in the 18th Century the Dutch East India Company  established coffee plantations along their routes , the dutch prohibited the local farmers from picking the  succulent and tasty coffee fruits for their own use , but everyone has to have their cuppa Jo . The locals learnt that the native Civet like animal digested these fruits and left the seeds (beans ) undigested in their feces , they began to ground these beans and produce their own coffee . The word spread far and wide soon everyone including the Dutch were  fans of Civet poop coffee , but understandably the rarity of the resource made it expensive even in those times .

So the next time your sipping your coffee , take a minute to think where its come from .

Have a Caffeinealisious day