My top 5 Bottle cakes

I have my own cake business and I understand how hard it is to make cakes look this good , Clients always have this Idea (modal replica) in their minds and it is our job as cake designers to fulfill that brief . so cheers to all who have put the blood sweat and tears into producing wonderful edible works of art .

so without further adieu here is my top 5

1) this is a stunning piece , the colours , the shine and the label artwork , as well as the angles of the bottle are spot on , they even got that funny dip at the bottom of the bottle , Genius !!!

Wine time !!!

2) This particularly caught my eye because of the beautiful amber colour of the cake mimicking the smooth velvety liquid of Cognac , as well as the small details such as the writing and embossed leaves .



3) The exact shape !!!!  the hardest part of making a bottle cake is the shape , and this person got it spot on !!



4) I love how this person mimicked what light does to alcohol in a bottle with those varying wavelengths of of golden hues . The smallest details were considered .

Hennessy Bottle Cakeimages (1)

5) Last but not least my very own Captain Morgan cake with hand painted label – it may not be a stunner shape as the ones above , but it certainly is one of my favorite cakes of all time



All this had made me thirsty …..

For Tea !!! I don’t think my liver could handle all this cake that looks so ┬ádeceptively good

Ciao for now