Memorable cake toppers

Nothing describes the generational differences better than cake toppers .

hey have become intricate , funny and personalized , not your usual cookie cutter run of the mill cake toppers .

Here are a few that that caught my eye .

This reminds me of a couple of stories I’ve heard from friends saying ‘ I should not have taught her to ….’ I could think of a couple endings …. fish,shoot,drive ha ha there are many MANY MORE .

images (1)


I love this because it shows not all marriages are picture perfect , the older cake toppers gave that false sense of a fairytale ending while in actual fact , every partner to a relationship has their good and bad qualities , the fact that you are marrying that person just shows you accept both and love both , so even though this is a tongue in cheek topper , its  symbolism has far greater meaning than any traditional cake topper will have .




The Millennial’s – always connected .




We joke about who wears the pants in the family , I love that this is true and honest .

‘My big fat Greek Wedding quote ‘ –

Toula: Ma, Dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. “Ah, the man is the head of the household!

Maria: Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.




actions speak louder than words ….


images (2)


Dare to be different , colours , shapes sizes , a perfect wedding is not a memorable one , a wedding that best describes the celebration of your relationship is memorable , so if your into Harley’s or Dogs make it a memorable one by being the best YOU ,you two can be .

images (3)










I would love to hear your thoughts and pictures of any MEMORABLE cake toppers you have come across .

Have a cakealiscious day 😉


My top 5 Bottle cakes

I have my own cake business and I understand how hard it is to make cakes look this good , Clients always have this Idea (modal replica) in their minds and it is our job as cake designers to fulfill that brief . so cheers to all who have put the blood sweat and tears into producing wonderful edible works of art .

so without further adieu here is my top 5

1) this is a stunning piece , the colours , the shine and the label artwork , as well as the angles of the bottle are spot on , they even got that funny dip at the bottom of the bottle , Genius !!!

Wine time !!!

2) This particularly caught my eye because of the beautiful amber colour of the cake mimicking the smooth velvety liquid of Cognac , as well as the small details such as the writing and embossed leaves .



3) The exact shape !!!!  the hardest part of making a bottle cake is the shape , and this person got it spot on !!



4) I love how this person mimicked what light does to alcohol in a bottle with those varying wavelengths of of golden hues . The smallest details were considered .

Hennessy Bottle Cakeimages (1)

5) Last but not least my very own Captain Morgan cake with hand painted label – it may not be a stunner shape as the ones above , but it certainly is one of my favorite cakes of all time



All this had made me thirsty …..

For Tea !!! I don’t think my liver could handle all this cake that looks so  deceptively good

Ciao for now

Cakes catching on the sides

Have you ever found the Most amazing cake recipe that looked like a stunner in the Photo , but when you  tried it out at home it has come out with  burnt sides and perfectly cooked middle ?! They did not mention this in the recipe .

There are many factors at play here different oven temperatures and thermostat settings , over mixing your batter , letting it sit to long before you bake it , and so much more . This definitely presents a problem for the avid bakers out there .

  1. I have found that  lining your cake tin with parchment paper (all sides and the bottom – can never be too careful:-)
  2. using a thicker tin or even a glass cake tin .
  3. Placing a ceramic ramekin of water in the oven while the cake is cooking – this keeps a moist atmosphere without drying out your cake its not as much as a bain-marie which is commonly used for puddings , custards , and the like, for slow even cooking  *note don’t use this for chiffon type of cake as the egg whites don’t need the added moisture
  4. Cut strips of newspaper the height of your cake tin , wet them in some water (not to the paper mache’ stage )and place around your cake tin , i usually do two layers and possibly 3 for larger cakes that need longer cooking time this helps the cake rise evenly and acts as insulation and temperature control   .* note i use an electric oven and i don’t know how this would fare in a gas oven , I have not burn my house down yet , it dries out the newspaper but does not catch alight , you can usually use the paper 2 or three times before its to dry and you have to throw it away , If you don’t feel that adventurous a wet tea towel will work just as well , some specialty shops also sell specialized silicon products for this very purpose .

So never doubt there is always a reason and a way to fix something .

Happy Baking 🙂