Cakes catching on the sides

Have you ever found the Most amazing cake recipe that looked like a stunner in the Photo , but when you  tried it out at home it has come out with  burnt sides and perfectly cooked middle ?! They did not mention this in the recipe .

There are many factors at play here different oven temperatures and thermostat settings , over mixing your batter , letting it sit to long before you bake it , and so much more . This definitely presents a problem for the avid bakers out there .

  1. I have found that  lining your cake tin with parchment paper (all sides and the bottom – can never be too careful:-)
  2. using a thicker tin or even a glass cake tin .
  3. Placing a ceramic ramekin of water in the oven while the cake is cooking – this keeps a moist atmosphere without drying out your cake its not as much as a bain-marie which is commonly used for puddings , custards , and the like, for slow even cooking  *note don’t use this for chiffon type of cake as the egg whites don’t need the added moisture
  4. Cut strips of newspaper the height of your cake tin , wet them in some water (not to the paper mache’ stage )and place around your cake tin , i usually do two layers and possibly 3 for larger cakes that need longer cooking time this helps the cake rise evenly and acts as insulation and temperature control   .* note i use an electric oven and i don’t know how this would fare in a gas oven , I have not burn my house down yet , it dries out the newspaper but does not catch alight , you can usually use the paper 2 or three times before its to dry and you have to throw it away , If you don’t feel that adventurous a wet tea towel will work just as well , some specialty shops also sell specialized silicon products for this very purpose .

So never doubt there is always a reason and a way to fix something .

Happy Baking 🙂