Willy Wonka – 0 VS Mother nature – 1

miracle fruit

This berry like fruit found native to West Africa , holds a unique characteristic in that when eaten, causes sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet .

and here we thought Willy Wonka was genius but it turns out mother nature has the upper hand .

this is due to the marvelous molecule , miraculin , which binds to the tongues taste buds causing sour foods to taste sweet .

Now if only all food could taste sweet without the calories ?! it could just be the thing to aid diabetics and people with  sugar allergies

this miracle fruit does not just stop there , it is said to counter act the metallic taste cancer patients endure after chemotherapy .

People often enjoy this delicacy through flavour tipping parties , whereby after eating the berry feast on acidic foods such as raw mango’s, radish, pickles and lemons .

One often forgets that it only affects the taste buds as so eating goats cheese would taste like cheesecake on the tongue but taste like goats cheese in the throat .

Go and try tantalizing your taste buds and changing your perception of food and food combinations , you may be pleasantly surprised .


Brew-ewwy !!!

Had a hard day at work come home to an ice cold beer  –  mmmm the good life . Or a lovely robust Cabernet swirling around in your glass .

Ever wondered how other cultures look at Liquor and its processing !?!? What , how  , when and who ?

Well in Cambodia they have one drink that is definitively creepy and crawly .

Tarantula Brandy !!!

It is an alcoholic beverage made from rice liquor and flavored with dead Tarantulas served in a tot glass , how very quaint .

Oh no wait that is no the strangest !!! I would take Spiders over Dead fermented mice any day .

In China a distilled rice spirit is filled with dead mice and fermented for one year . and do they remove the mice !?!? nope they stay in the bottle for added flavour .

In Vietnam and China  it is popular to flavour your wine with reptilian carcasses seen in Cobra wine , Scorpion and snake wine

In complete contrast on the other end of the world we flavour our wine with oranges and spices.

I think I shall stick to the vegetarian variety’s in my  liquor cabinet  such as wine from grapes  – fruit  , Frangelico from hazelnuts  –  nuts = Fibre and Protein , and beer made from Wheat hops and water = Carbohydrates and hydration  ,  Complete diet !!!



Snake and Scorpion Liquor


I hope I have given you something to ponder and peruse over .

Foodie Trivia

Bombay who ?!?!?


A lot of recipe titles can be deceiving  such as Bombay Duck .

This often comes from incorrect translations or mythical legends ,

What would you guess would be the primary protein in this exotic Indian Dish you may ask ?

FISH !!!

The primary protein in this dish is actually a lizardfish found primarily in the Arabian sea , It looks positively prehistoric !!!

nonetheless , this ‘fish’ is usually dried and salted before being consumed , as its powerful odor can be an assault on the senses  .

By the looks of it it could soon evolve to walk straight off my plate …..but  Hey dinner and a show right  !!!

I think this fish may be more foe that friend .

But that being said I shall have to try it before I pass judgement #watch this space



Cuppa Jo anyone ?

The most expensive coffee in the world is harvested from Civet (small feline mammal ) poop ,

Kopi Luwak are the coffee beans found in Civet feces , This cat like animal only selects  the ripest and finest fruit to eat , the beans are actually a by product of what they are really after ,  the fruity pulp surrounding the beans .When they are excreted these partially digested and fermented beans are the harvested for sale , selling between $160 -$600 per POUND!!!

You are probably wondering who discovered this !?!?

in the 18th Century the Dutch East India Company  established coffee plantations along their routes , the dutch prohibited the local farmers from picking the  succulent and tasty coffee fruits for their own use , but everyone has to have their cuppa Jo . The locals learnt that the native Civet like animal digested these fruits and left the seeds (beans ) undigested in their feces , they began to ground these beans and produce their own coffee . The word spread far and wide soon everyone including the Dutch were  fans of Civet poop coffee , but understandably the rarity of the resource made it expensive even in those times .

So the next time your sipping your coffee , take a minute to think where its come from .

Have a Caffeinealisious day