I am a South African , born from an Italian mother and an Afrikaans father , given a French name , whose lingual pursuits include German , Afrikaans , Italian and some Zulu . This is my genetic recipe for why i love food .

Growing up in a multi cultural household in South Africa of Italian and Afrikaans food enthusiasts , our family was never shy on food , flavours and creative ideas .

From our Sunday roasts to experimental cooking to Family holiday feasts  both cultures found common ground in the Kitchen were family  , food , and love were the basis of any meal .

I learnt a lot of my cooking from my Mother and Nonno both passionate Italians whose fiery food theory run strictly along thee lines of  ‘ Till it looks right ‘ , this was a very hard lesson to learn as recipes meant nothing and were not written with actual measurement’s in mind , ‘about 6 eggs depending on the weather ‘ ?!?!?!? What is that supposed to mean !?! I found myself learning the art of -Till it looks right – through careful observation and study  , this came with a few perks being TASTING !!!!

The Afrikaans side had a similar theory but used recipes , flavours and food combinations completely different to that of the European side of my family , i am slowly learning more and more from one of my best friends and her family who have kept those traditions alive of good old milk tart  , koeksisters , Plaas brood and so much more .

So this blog is about food and the art of TILL IT LOOKS RIGHT , good old traditional recipes revamped , food trends , food facts and more .

Buon Appetito

Bon Appetit

Geniet jou eete

Guten Appetit


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