Pet Hates

When it comes to wining and dining we all think we know best , looking into the fine details as if a Michelin star depended on it . ‘it should be like this ‘ or ‘if it was me I would ‘ are a few of the whispers heard amongst  general table conversation , that being said there will always be a few pet hates that everyone can relate to and being human we like to share and revel in our likeness .

here are a few that I know get to me

  1. crusty tomato sauce bottles – this goes for mustard and any variation of condiment too.
  2. a soup spoon for a dessert , it is lovely to place a parfait in a champagne flute ….I really do love  looking like a chimpanzee on the discovery channel poking the opening with a  stick  instead of eating an elegant dessert … sure no problem if only this giant spoon could help me .
  3. why every vegetarian option is rice or pasta with vegetables , take a note from many Asian,Mexican or even Indian inspired vegetarian dishes that pack a whopper of flavour , put some tender love and care into the vegetarian meal as must as you put it into your kobe beef and its a win win for all .
  4. when a chip gets stuck in the dip and you send a recon chip to fetch it and one it either becomes another casualty or the chip to dip ratio is way out of balance.
  5. using avocado’s in a dish when they are not in season.
  6. there are many other garnishes out there you do not have to use parsley for everything or the tiny little wilting salad that no one wants. save it for the salad that someone will actually order .
  7. putting salt on your food before you have tasted it .
  8. creme brulee’s with a thick sugar lid , if I wanted to commit suicide and  ingest shards of sugar thick as  glass I would have done so buy now.
  9. cutting long pasta into vermicelli so you can eat it , coming from an Italian background this is sacrilege. order a short pasta shape , twirl it onto a spoon or slurp it up like lady and the tramp.
  10. hot plates that have proceeded to turn my medium steak into a leather boot strap.

Share your pet foodie hates .

have a great weekend 🙂






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