Cauliflower is the new Potato…

This trendy vegetable shot to fame in a cheesy sauce , but now its in the headlines for a different reason …..

In an age where obesity is a growing world wide epidemic with over 1.3 Billion people overweight , this brazen brassica has turned the tables once again and made us rethink the age old uses of cauliflower  .

This amazing vegetable not only comes in a variety of colours (purple , orange ,white , and green) but it is an amazing carbohydrate substitute ! low fat ,low carb , high fibre , vitamin C ….. the list is endless its no wonder the potato is going out of fashion .

This little low carb snowball could be the answer to many people wanting to change a dress size or two , from cauliflower pizza bases, baked cauliflower pops and cauliflower mash this little beaut is fast becoming the new’potato’ , I hardly think it will every surpass the need for french fries but it might just kick the obesity epidemic in the gut and start pushing mankind towards a healthier, tastier way of living .

Don’t get me wrong , I love my deep fat fried ,sugar coated , twice dunked ,sprinkle topped anything , but there needs to be a line .

so for those of you who think take out Friday is the easiest answer , maybe try something different … your heart will praise you and your waist will thank you .

here is my recipe for a cauliflower crust pizza (try use a purple cauliflower to make it extra fun for the kids )

For the crust:

1 medium sized cauliflower , grated

100 g low fat cream cheese

1 egg

salt and black pepper  (I also grate half a head of garlic , personal preference )

preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius, and place a tray in the oven to heat up ( like a pizza stone , but not quite),

boil the cauliflower for 5 min , drain well in a tea towel and squish all the liquid out and place in a processor ,  you should have something that resembles crumbs , add to a counter top (make a well) or a mixing bowl , add your cream cheese and egg and flavourings and mix well . section into portions (balls) and on a piece of wax paper push down into a circle to shape your crust .bake for about 30-35 min until golden while they are cooking get your toppings and sauce ready .

for the sauce :

1 small onion sauteed with 1 clove garlic

1 can of tomato puree

1 can of tomato chunks (or 3 fresh pomodoro tomatoes – cooking tomatoes , they have more flavour than salad ones)

saute the above , add some salt and pepper , some oregano and a pinch of sugar .

place this mix in the blender and mix on high for 5 min ( yes it must be hot ) take off and reduce further for a richer smoother sauce . if you like your sauce chunky reduce for 5 min on a medium heat .

Time to assemble the beast !!!

take your cauliflower bases and add some sauce and toppings , top with grated mozzarella (healthier than yellow cheese) , a little olive oil and bake for 10 min till your cheese is melted and yummy  , I quite like mine nuked (cheese is the colour of a cinnamon stick )

and voila !!! a healthy pizza

Bon appetite