Willy Wonka – 0 VS Mother nature – 1

miracle fruit

This berry like fruit found native to West Africa , holds a unique characteristic in that when eaten, causes sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet .

and here we thought Willy Wonka was genius but it turns out mother nature has the upper hand .

this is due to the marvelous molecule , miraculin , which binds to the tongues taste buds causing sour foods to taste sweet .

Now if only all food could taste sweet without the calories ?! it could just be the thing to aid diabetics and people with  sugar allergies

this miracle fruit does not just stop there , it is said to counter act the metallic taste cancer patients endure after chemotherapy .

People often enjoy this delicacy through flavour tipping parties , whereby after eating the berry feast on acidic foods such as raw mango’s, radish, pickles and lemons .

One often forgets that it only affects the taste buds as so eating goats cheese would taste like cheesecake on the tongue but taste like goats cheese in the throat .

Go and try tantalizing your taste buds and changing your perception of food and food combinations , you may be pleasantly surprised .


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