Thai Curry Episode IV: Basic Thai Red Curry Paste (Kaeng Kua)

Thai Red Curry , one of my all time winter cosy up meals .
Great recipe 🙂

The High Heel Gourmet

Basic Thai Red Curry Paste, Kaeng Kua by The High Heel Gourmet 7

I’ve already taught you Green Curry, so now we’re going to talk about the most used curry in Thai cooking, Red Curry. First, I have to straighten you out about the generic use of the Red Curry term!

You might be wondering what needs to be straightened out?…

EVERYTHING! This is not only an attitude adjustment, dear. This is a whole new set of knowledge.

OK let’s re-learn the Thai Red Curry paste.

First, you need to identify the red curry pastes by their names. Just as in Italian cooking not every tomato-based sauce would be called Marinara–there is Arrabbiata, Puttanessca, Amatriciana and so on—with Thai cooking we have many different curry pastes that appear to be red in color and yet are the not the same either. This is the list of the red-colored curry pastes.

The first set is the curry pastes that are normally cooked…

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