My top 5 Bottle cakes

I have my own cake business and I understand how hard it is to make cakes look this good , Clients always have this Idea (modal replica) in their minds and it is our job as cake designers to fulfill that brief . so cheers to all who have put the blood sweat and tears into producing wonderful edible works of art .

so without further adieu here is my top 5

1) this is a stunning piece , the colours , the shine and the label artwork , as well as the angles of the bottle are spot on , they even got that funny dip at the bottom of the bottle , Genius !!!

Wine time !!!

2) This particularly caught my eye because of the beautiful amber colour of the cake mimicking the smooth velvety liquid of Cognac , as well as the small details such as the writing and embossed leaves .



3) The exact shape !!!!  the hardest part of making a bottle cake is the shape , and this person got it spot on !!



4) I love how this person mimicked what light does to alcohol in a bottle with those varying wavelengths of of golden hues . The smallest details were considered .

Hennessy Bottle Cakeimages (1)

5) Last but not least my very own Captain Morgan cake with hand painted label – it may not be a stunner shape as the ones above , but it certainly is one of my favorite cakes of all time



All this had made me thirsty …..

For Tea !!! I don’t think my liver could handle all this cake that looks so  deceptively good

Ciao for now


Yellow pepper soup

A friend of mine cultivates cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers , it was end of her season and she gave me a few to take home . A few being 60 kg’s !!! Say what!?!?

Everyone loves roasted red pepper soup but yellow pepper? never heard of it  , so I  accepted the challenge of making this mountain of peppers into something .

LIGHTBULB!!! MOMENT  –  make a soup or sauce , they freeze well and can be a base for many things such as a pasta sauce , base of another soup , all sorts .

Ingredients :

  • 2 onions
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • one red chili
  • 2 sprigs thyme
  • 5 sage leaves
  • cayenne pepper (to taste )
  • 2 ml nutmeg
  • 15 yellow peppers
  • one can tomato puree
  • 50 ml Port wine and then some 😉
  • 500 ml – 750 ml chicken stock
  • heavy cream
  • and salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • olive oil


  1. remove the core from the pepper and cut into 5 cm chunks , throw in a roasting pan with some olive oil salt and pepper , and place in an oven at 220 degree’s Celsius .
  2. In a heavy based pot , add 20 ml olive oil , slice onions , garlic and chilies roughly and brown for 10 minutes add the thyme (without stalk) , sage (freshly chopped), cayenne and nutmeg , allow the spices to infuse .
  3. add tomato paste and cook it out for a minute or so
  4. Deglaze with the Port wine  –  keep some for yourself , the chef always deserves a reward
  5. Buy now the peppers should be brown and sweet , add them to the pot and stir .
  6. Add stock to cover the peppers , and allow to simmer for 5 min .
  7. Liquidize the mixture and strain through a sieve ( this will get rid of the waxy skins of the peppers)
  8. Once strained season to taste
  9. serve with a swizzle of cream and a cheesy baguette on the side

this can also be made into a sauce by reducing it , adding some wine

You can always make this with red peppers as well as a mix of pepper and tomatoes – be creative in the kitchen and play around let your gut tell you what smells.tastes and feels right .


Brew-ewwy !!!

Had a hard day at work come home to an ice cold beer  –  mmmm the good life . Or a lovely robust Cabernet swirling around in your glass .

Ever wondered how other cultures look at Liquor and its processing !?!? What , how  , when and who ?

Well in Cambodia they have one drink that is definitively creepy and crawly .

Tarantula Brandy !!!

It is an alcoholic beverage made from rice liquor and flavored with dead Tarantulas served in a tot glass , how very quaint .

Oh no wait that is no the strangest !!! I would take Spiders over Dead fermented mice any day .

In China a distilled rice spirit is filled with dead mice and fermented for one year . and do they remove the mice !?!? nope they stay in the bottle for added flavour .

In Vietnam and China  it is popular to flavour your wine with reptilian carcasses seen in Cobra wine , Scorpion and snake wine

In complete contrast on the other end of the world we flavour our wine with oranges and spices.

I think I shall stick to the vegetarian variety’s in my  liquor cabinet  such as wine from grapes  – fruit  , Frangelico from hazelnuts  –  nuts = Fibre and Protein , and beer made from Wheat hops and water = Carbohydrates and hydration  ,  Complete diet !!!



Snake and Scorpion Liquor


I hope I have given you something to ponder and peruse over .

Foodie Trivia

5 Weekend drinks to get the party started

Some of my best memories I have revolve around pasta machines , tequila and tirimisu

Seemingly dissimilar , but under the right circumstances they made devilishly divine memories


1. Apple Martini  –  I would add a shot of apple sours for the slight tang , as well as everyone’s sour face makes for a great pre party photo opp

2. Gluehwein  –  My winter indulgence , guaranteed to get any party started quickly

3. Cosmolito  –  why , cranberry juice , that’s why .

4. A Saturday Afternoon  –  the name says it all , imagine your on an island , soft breeze flowing gently  , sipping your cocktail as you watch the waves ebb back and forth as the hammock your laying in gently rocks side to side  ….

5.Frozen Peach Margarita’s –  to end off a Tooty Fruity weekend

My top 5  ,  they are great for entertaining , can be made in advance  , and pair wonderfully with either a sit down or barbecue style dinner / lunch / brunch .

Have a great weekend


Bombay who ?!?!?


A lot of recipe titles can be deceiving  such as Bombay Duck .

This often comes from incorrect translations or mythical legends ,

What would you guess would be the primary protein in this exotic Indian Dish you may ask ?

FISH !!!

The primary protein in this dish is actually a lizardfish found primarily in the Arabian sea , It looks positively prehistoric !!!

nonetheless , this ‘fish’ is usually dried and salted before being consumed , as its powerful odor can be an assault on the senses  .

By the looks of it it could soon evolve to walk straight off my plate …..but  Hey dinner and a show right  !!!

I think this fish may be more foe that friend .

But that being said I shall have to try it before I pass judgement #watch this space



Cakes catching on the sides

Have you ever found the Most amazing cake recipe that looked like a stunner in the Photo , but when you  tried it out at home it has come out with  burnt sides and perfectly cooked middle ?! They did not mention this in the recipe .

There are many factors at play here different oven temperatures and thermostat settings , over mixing your batter , letting it sit to long before you bake it , and so much more . This definitely presents a problem for the avid bakers out there .

  1. I have found that  lining your cake tin with parchment paper (all sides and the bottom – can never be too careful:-)
  2. using a thicker tin or even a glass cake tin .
  3. Placing a ceramic ramekin of water in the oven while the cake is cooking – this keeps a moist atmosphere without drying out your cake its not as much as a bain-marie which is commonly used for puddings , custards , and the like, for slow even cooking  *note don’t use this for chiffon type of cake as the egg whites don’t need the added moisture
  4. Cut strips of newspaper the height of your cake tin , wet them in some water (not to the paper mache’ stage )and place around your cake tin , i usually do two layers and possibly 3 for larger cakes that need longer cooking time this helps the cake rise evenly and acts as insulation and temperature control   .* note i use an electric oven and i don’t know how this would fare in a gas oven , I have not burn my house down yet , it dries out the newspaper but does not catch alight , you can usually use the paper 2 or three times before its to dry and you have to throw it away , If you don’t feel that adventurous a wet tea towel will work just as well , some specialty shops also sell specialized silicon products for this very purpose .

So never doubt there is always a reason and a way to fix something .

Happy Baking 🙂