Over the years of trial and error cooking self taught cake decorating , and handmade pasta rolling , I have found some recipes , tips and tricks and some interesting trivia along the way that have helped me make countless delicious meals for my friends and family .

I have always been known to cook , since an early age I would watch my mother preparing food to the sounds of Chubby Checker , Rocky Horror Picture show and some good old Pavarotti  These sounds just just added another layer to our already heightened senses . The perfume that wafted through the house was our undoing and we knew we would eat like kings that day  .

When eventually I was allowed to use the oven and stove I replicated those dishes my mom made look so easy , and learnt the art of Till it looks right (easier said than done ). This and the help from Jamie Oliver’s TV shows , Nigella , Gordon Ramsay , Food Network , Masterchef , Ina Garten and so many more we have managed to make every memory a foodie one .

Have a Cakealiscious Day


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